International Service

International Service is a dynamic opportunity for members to become involved with world community service, projects that are our club's focus, plus those of Rotary International, all of which are aimed at promoting international understanding, goodwill and peace.  On average, about 20% of our donations are going outside the U.S.  And every year, we send a delegation to the Rotary International Conventions held in such places as New Orleans, Toronto, Los Angeles, Bangkok, San Paulo, and Osaka.  Some of the past international projects we have supported are:

  • Funded about 50 micro-businesses through Kiva International
  • Supported the PolioPlus World Polio Eradication Initiative
  • Funded a Fire Engine for the town of Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico
  • Supported the Kenya Smiles Project for children in Kenya
  • Built a children's playground in Ladrillera, Mexico
  • Donated 2 containers full of wheelchairs to China and Mexico

Many of these service projects provide the hope of a new lease on life, for people we will never meet, by overcoming disfigurement from birth defects or war and social strife, or simply the avoidance of the life crippling disease of Polio.  Our thanks is the smile on a child's face, the thank you from a parent, and the handshake or hug from someone in need who cannot believe total strangers will help them.

The following are some of the past projects that Moraga Rotary has participated in. The list is far from complete, and will continue to grow, so please, visit often.


Ebola Victims Orphanage in Sierra Leone:

In 2017, Moraga Rotary has teamed up with FC Seattle soccer club to build and supply an orphanage for  over 30 children who lost both parents during the Ebola crisis.  These kids are no longer outcasts, but have now been enrolled in the International Academy school while living in temporary cramped quarters.  We have given each child a backpack full of supplies to allow them to attend school.  We estimate the orphanage will cost around $300,000 to build and maintain, and we have raised over half the funds necessary.  The land has been purchased, and we hope to begin construction in 2019.  To help us with this cause, visit the Donate to Rotary page and make a donation by check.

We have a powerful MP4 Video Here where the children themselves tell the story of losing their parents to Ebola, and their struggles to survive. 


The children thank you.


PolioPlus World Polio Eradication Initiative:

In 1981, Rotary International made a pledge to immunize all the children in the world against polio.  At that time there were about 500,000 cases of polio every year in 125 different countries.  This has been described as the world's greatest humanitarian effort by a non-governmental organization.  Working with Rotary International on the Polio Eradication Initiative is the World Health Organization, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

To date over two billion children have received polio vaccine from Rotarian volunteers, who have eradicated polio in 121 nations of the world through National Immunization Days.  Over 99% of all children in the world have received polio vaccine through Rotary's PolioPlus program.  As of the first quarter in 2017, a total of just 16 new cases were reported in small parts of just Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Europe has been polio-free since 2002.  Rotary is not giving up, especially when we are so close to eradicating this scourge.  We predict that by 2019, polio will be the second disease declared eradicated from the world, following smallpox.

Since 1981, Rotarians have contributed over $1.2 billion to this project.  Recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave Rotary two matching grants totaling $355 million, and have just committed another $35 million grant per year through 2018.  Moraga Rotary has joined with the other 33,000 Rotary Clubs of the world in this effort with a pledge to raise and contribute annually toward this goal. 

For more information, visit the Rotary International website by clicking on the link below.


Delivering Wheelchairs & Hope in Mexico and China:

The Wheelchair Foundation has provided Moraga Rotary with a great opportunity to give to those who are the silent ones.  The people who have disabilities that inhibit their ability to  be mobile.  We are talking about the handicapped who require wheelchairs in order to move around, to have a job and to become a part of their society.

On two occasions, Moraga Rotary funded a portion of an entire container of new, specially designed wheelchairs for use in rough terrain, and our members traveled to Mexicali, Mexico and Hangzhou, China to deliver the chairs to needy men, women and children.  


Many of those who received wheelchairs had little or nothing to assist them in moving around.  Broken crutches, skateboards, walkers held together by duct tape.  By providing a new wheelchair designed for the rugged environment they live in, Moraga Rotary offered over 400 people an opportunity to be a bigger participant in their village, and the world they live in.


Playground Set in Ladrillera - Los Algodones, Mexico:

It was 1992 when a Yuma Rotarian first laid eyes on the small village of Ladrillera, the brickyard.  A poor shanty town of shacks, built from castoff wood and cardboard, with old torn sheets covering the window openings, most of which have never had a window in them.  Windows in Ladrillera are a luxury.  Yuma Rotary found a place and a school very much in need of the attention and support of Rotary.

The first focus was the children, and the goal was to improve the small run down school they go to each day to learn.  Over the course the next ten years, Rotary Clubs worked to improve the school at Ladrillera. Rotary built bathrooms with running water, replacing the old outhouses, and they built a new classroom, bringing the total to three and thereby qualifying the school for Mexican Federal monies.

It was Moraga Rotary's opportunity to help. Moraga Rotary, in conjunction with the seven Rotary Clubs of the Yuma area, worked together to build a modern playground, and to provide school supplies and teaching aides to a school that could not afford a pencil for each child.  A school where teachers need to check paper out to students on a single sheet basis, out of necessity.

Moraga Rotary gave the children of Ladrillera an opportunity to play.  To have a place where they can, for a moment, forget the terrible poverty in which they live.  Lives lived on dirt roads, no sidewalks, sheets on the windows, outhouses, no running water, in many cases no electricity, and for most, no hope.

But, for a moment they have the chance to be kids. They have a playground almost as good as the kids their age in this country, and better than most of the kids in theirs.  One small village, one small gift, one weekend's labor, and small lives made happier.  That is the focus of Moraga Rotary.



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